If you have tried your hands in playing Pocker online, you will be aware of the various ways in which people cheat in the game. This very often is the reason why, despite of having an excellent game you realize that you still use. There are constant suspicions and doubts that these poker websites are rigged or are scams.

The issue becomes more serious when there is real money involved. Not only does this end up with serious losses but also is a threat to the security of a person. Not to mention the fact that it completely ruins the experience of playing a game for everyone who is trying to play it fair.

Cheating and hacks are a fact in the gambling world, and even more so when the gambling is done online. There is no way to get to know if your opponent is real or otherwise. This in fact is one of the ways in which people cheat in the game too. Let us get to know some details of this form of game hacks.

Poker Bots: Though this may not quality as a real form of cheating per se, as a bot does not have access to the opponent’s cards. But this is a hack for all those who lack the effort to play the game for real. Or perhaps want to try their hand at gambling but lack the knowledge or technique of the game.

The bot then plays the game of their behalf. This however ends up being unfair to all those who are playing the game fair and square. The bots have a perfect technique of playing Poker that with a decent set of cards almost always ends up in victory for that person.

You can figure out if a person is real or a bot by simply striking a conversation with the person. If it is a bot, chances are that the conversation will be minimal. However, in case if people are playing on multiple tables, even they might not chat much.…